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One Page Website

The Wayne County Builders Association can provide you with a one page, professionally designed, webpage for your product or service and place it on our established website for a minimal $150 design fee. The webpage will be hosted by WCBA for an annual fee of $25.00 with your paid WCBA membership. You will have a direct link from our website to your one page website.
Your creatively designed and visually attractive advertisement will include:

· An attractive webpage that provides a pleasing introduction to your product and a photo portfolio of up to 4 photos. We can use your existing logo and/or business motto.

· An organization history showing your purpose and goals.
(up to 400 words)

· A list of contact information including, address, phone numbers fax, and direct email link to your current email address.

· Area of expertise in the building field
(Example: framing, drywall and finish painting)

· Professional memberships and awards

After contacting The Wayne County Builders Association about your webpage membership, we will coordinate the complete design and uploading of your webpage to our web server. Anyone can access your advertisement simply by typing:

http://www.wcbaonline.com/”your business name”

example of your homepage address on the Internet:

>> Example of one page website

More information on this product to be added my March 17, 2005.

Banner Ads
For Wayne County Builders Assoc.

  • We are offering a website banner ad for only $25 per month with a one time $25 design fee.
  • You will be listed on the first page of our website in an advertisement that might look like this:

Banner ad example http://www.wcbaonline.com/bannerad.htm

More information on this product to be added by March 17, 2005.

What Are You Waiting For…

Have Questions? Fill out an inquiry card from your packet received at the meeting and mail or fax it with the information provided on the form. (These forms will be available on the web after 3-17-05)

Ready to make a website or banner ad? Fill out the order form (from your packet received at the meeting) with the information needed for your website and/or banner ad. (These forms will be available on the web after 3-17-05)

We will contact you with further details to help create your custom webpage.

Contact us for more information:

wcbaonline.com or wcba-rita@comcast.net